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Man domesticated the first dog very early on, even before the domestication of other animals. Since then humans and dogs have shared a very long and fruitful history and not just because of the beasts’ loyal nature. Descending from the wolves, dogs have traditionally been employed for tasks such as safeguarding property premises, search and rescue, detection services, help in farms, companionship to humans and so on.

All these versatile jobs point us to obvious conclusions: the dog is an avid learner so it can be trained for a number of tasks and situations, has a keen sense of smell that is unrivaled (such breeds are referred to as “k9” or “Canine”), and is undoubtedly the best solution to invest in when it comes to detection services.

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Canines have the same five senses – smell, touch, taste, hearing, vision – as humans. Far more powerful than those of humans, it is surprising this indispensable tool isn’t used more frequently. F1k9 aims to change this by bringing you the best American k9 detection services Florida deserves. Following are some key features that make our canine the right option.

Powerful olfactory senses

The olfactory senses or the sense of smell is tipped in the favor of canine because they have around 125 to 300 million scent glands whereas humans have only… 5 million scent glands! It comes as no surprise that canines can detect 1000 to 10,000 times better than humans.

Where human vision fails…

A canine’s vision is slightly more complicated than sense of smell. Unlike what the common myth says, canines are not colorblind. Although they are not as good as seeing stationary objects at a distance, dogs are definitely better at spotting moving images, making them excellent for detecting intruders and such. Their vision is also better than that of humans during dawn and dusk, making them excellent for searches when human sight isn’t as perfect.

Higher Frequency Hearing

The sense of hearing also remarkable. A canine can hear high pitched sounds ranging from 67 – 45000 Hz, whereas a human can only hear pitches from 64 – 23000 Hz.

A Range Of Services to Select From

We provide disciplined and coached dogs for a variety of operations.

Explosive Detection Services

With their acute sense of smell, canines can detect bombs and other explosives in a very short span of time.

Rigorously trained for this particular purpose only, our highly trained canines are often used to confirm an area safe. We know time is of the essence – our canines are trained to react instantly.

Security Services

The history of canines guarding humans and alerting them against potential intruders probably extends back to prehistoric times, some breeds being more appropriate for the task than the other.

Our expert trainers choose the right breed of canines and train them for the job.

Canine Disease Detection Services

Pest detection is a relatively new arena, but the results of researches on canine disease detection have been remarkable. With a near perfect success rate, the agriculture industry amongst others is benefiting greatly from this detection solution, giving a whole new meaning to “man’s best friend”. Live samples are used to train our canines so that they can adequately meet challenges. There are some epidemics that had led to 75% decline in the Florida’s citrus industry but with our canine detection services there is nothing to worry about.

Drugs and Narcotics Detection

Often called sniffer dogs or k9s, these are very difficult to fool. They are very often hired by law enforcement agencies and are trained to sniff out various types of substances. As it goes without saying, the right breed of canine with a good training regimen can be near impossible to hide illegal substances from.

F1k9 Goes the Extra Mile for You

To utilize a canine’s sensing capabilities to full, some things must be taken great care of – good k9 detection services realize this.

When selecting dogs for K9 detection we go to great extent to ensure the right dog is chosen in terms of both breed and personality. Moreover, trainers keep a watchful eye on our canines to ensure quality results. Innovative methods such as live samples and real life scenarios are used especially during the conditioning period for canine disease detection services – we realize even one infested crop can wreak havoc if not dealt with timely.

By going the extra mile we can proudly claim the results for our canine disease detection services are one of the top-notch in USA.

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