Police Dog Training

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July 10, 2019

Police Dog Training

Police Dog Training – How Many Types Are There?

When it comes to Human law enforcement, officers need to be strong, professional and intelligent. However, no matter how skillful an officer may be, they always need a partner by their side to help them ‘sniff out a crime’. These special partners are no other than reliable police dogs that come with a strong sense of smell, brave attitude and determination.

This sect of impressive animals have been helping humans out for generations – from tracking human remains to helping them detect and defuse bombs. However, not all breeds are born prepared for any completing any kind of complicated task. Police dogs are specially trained to perform various tasks that can be both complicated and allow their cognitive and sense of smell of enhance.

These K9 dogs are scattered into different categories according to their level of skill, intelligent and determination. Once they’re selected for a type of police work, their training begins.

Training – The Beginning:

Like every other working K9, the police dog is responsible for first observing obedience. These dogs are first selected while they’re still young and go under training for a whole year until they are capable enough to handle a public setting. Then comes the training which helps them to avoid any sort of distractions during work. Once that’s done, the trainers can specialize their dogs to perform any kind of tasks and come under a certain type of category.

Various Kind of Police Dog Trainings:

There are different types of dog trainings that a K9 undergoes, depending on which scenario is the most suitable for them. Below are the types of specializations that a dog is categorized into: 

Police Patrol

The dogs put under this category are set to work on the streets as an additional working unit. Patrol dogs are trained to perform various tasks throughout the day. For example, finding suspects with ill intentions to protect their owners, and sensing the smell of certain criminals in order to find them. They are trained to work hard and long hours every day.

Drug Scanning Dog

drug detection training is performed so that dogs can smell out certain type of drugs, such as narcotics, ecstasy and other addictive drugs. They go under rigorous in order to be able to be able to distinguish any kind of drugs with another.

Bomb Detection Dogs

Bomb detection hounds are trained in a very strict environment where they are taught to smell more than 10,000 different explosive smells. This enables them to associate different kinds of explosives as something dangerous and immediately alert officers. These dogs undergo a 10-week extensive course in dedication and learning various type of smells. Their determination makes them the best candidates for the job.

Scent Tracking Dogs

These highly trained hounds are trained in-depth to detect and search for any suspects that may be in hiding, all by smelling their scents. Not only are they are very good at finding people, but are also often referred to blood hounds. These dogs work for long hours of the day to complete their given tasks, with their designated officers.

Although the actual training of Police K9s never come to an end, these dogs are an important essence in the crime-fighting force.

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