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Canines for Sale - We Get You the Best K9 Dogs

AAt F1K9, we understand that looking for service dogs can be a grueling process. Our k9 dogs for sale are selected to meet and exceed the stringent standards set by CCAADD and our quality and performance benchmarks. Each of our K9 is selected based on its breed’s natural characteristics and successful history as a working and/or detection dog.

You might have many options when choosing a vendor for your next canine partner as there are many K9 for sale around the corner. But here are the reasons you should look no further than us.

1: Our procurement teams travel extensively to South America and Europe to bring you the strongest, healthiest, and smartest dogs after an extensive research. Our senior trainers are experts in subject matter and perform hands-on assessment of every dog to handpick the ones with proven working dog bloodlines. We specially look for overall health, genetics, workability, endurance and high-drive to make sure you enjoy working with the finest breed.

2: We inspect the dogs to make sure we offer the best k9 for sale to our customers. Our search for best vendors, best breeds, and best dogs doesn’t end till all our canines are checked by our trusted veterinarian to confirm if they are fit for the purpose. This not only ensures that we stick to our ethical codes, but also helps us cherish our love for dogs and community in general- because we want to get you the best dogs and we want our dogs to be fit for what they are doing. When purchasing your next canine partner from us, you will get a 2 year health and 1 year work-ability guarantee.

3: We are not just a service dog dealer and training company, we strive to be the innovators in the canine industry. Our primary goal is not only to provide you the k9 dogs for sale with most efficient and most accurate detecting skills, but we also strive to build and nurture the community as whole. Every practice we follow revolves around two principles: to nurture love for dogs within the community and to help and to ethical and scientifically-based training methods for building an army of wonderful working dogs.

Drug Dogs for Sale -Trained In Realistic Conditions

If you need a drug dog that is trained in realistic conditions and is ready for the field operations, then you’re at the right place. Our vast collection of drug dogs for sale are trained for intense research and strong response. Our drug dogs are trained to accurately detect variety of drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and meth. We use ethical and scientifically proven methods to train dogs using real drugs and not pseudo scents. The drug detection dogs, trained in our state-of-the-art facility have strong passive alert response - i.e. they can signal their detection of an illicit drug via an unassisted, sit and stare position.

Explosive Detection Dogs for Sale

At F1K9 we train some of the finest and most reliable explosive detection dogs (EDD) and handlers. EDDs are high-drive dogs that are trained to highest standards of detecting explosives. We train our dogs in real-life scenarios to make sure they remain competitive and provide an unfailing service.

Choose from our variety of working dogs selection

  • Selection Tested Single purpose canines for sale
  • Selection Tested Dual purpose canine
  • Pre-Trained Patrol canine
  • Pre-Trained Explosive Detection Dogs for sale
  • Pre-trained Cellphone Detection canine
  • Pre-Trained Currency Detection canine
  • Pre-Trained Firearms Detection canine
  • Pre-Trained Agricultural Detection canine
  • Pre-Trained Drug Dogs for sale