Executive Staff

Debra Bishop - Owner / Partner

Kristin Moraitis - Owner / Partner

Bill Moraitis - Vice President of Operations and Business Development
Over 18 years as a canine handler, trainer, and instructor. Bill has served as a law enforcement officer, Fire Services and Emergency Management administrator. Bill’s focus is on the day to day operation of the company and is the project & program manager for numerous canine strategies.


Jerry Bishop - Vice President of Canine Procurement and Training
Mr. Bishop has been selecting and training canines for over 15 years. Jerry has trained over 1,000 single purpose explosive, drug, firearms, cellphone, currency, bedbugs, and agricultural detection canines of many variety’s. Jerry serves as the chief trainer and is an innovator with training protocols and techniques.


Dr. William Schneider - Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Schneider received his BS in Biology from the University of Minnesota/Duluth and a Ph.D in genetics from Michigan State University. Following a post-doctoral fellowship at the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Oklahoma he worked for 16 years for the US Department of Agriculture at the Foreign Disease/Weed Science Research Unit. Dr. Schneider has 23 years of experience as a molecular biologist, studying virology, insect transmitted diseases and pathogen evolution. Over the course of his career Dr. Schneider has worked on numerous diagnostic tools for pathogens, including PCR, real-time PCR, deep sequencing and mass spectrometry.