Explosive and Drug Detection-

Providing new and innovative canine screening solutions for explosive and illegal drugs. Canine teams train and certify to national industry standards set forth by:

  • North American police Work Dog Association- NAPWDA
  • National Narcotics Detector Dog Association- NNDDA
  • United States Police Canine Association- USPCA
  • Department of Defense- DOD
  • National Odor Recognition Test- NORT

Upon completion of training and certification canines are deployable to a variety of settings to include but not limited to:

  • Theme Park & Attractions
  • Sporting Events & Concerts
  • Schools and Educational Campuses
  • Trade Shows
  • Cruise Lines & Seaports
  • Religious Facilities
  • VIP & High Priority Sweeps
  • Airport & Airline cargo

All F1K9 canines are trained with ATF- Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms approved live explosives and DEA- Drug Enforcement Agency approved drug training material

F1K9 maintains an ATF License and maintains a controlled substance registration from the DEA

Certification of all canine teams occur on a yearly basis, conducted by third party testing evaluators

In service training consists of daily proficiency training. Teams are required to document all deployments and training scenarios each day.

For more information contact the F1k9 team to help in your efforts to detect explosives and illegal drugs. Our team is available to conduct site visits to plan your operations and Logistics of K9 team deployments

K9 Sales

Our canines are hand selected and tested to meet stringent guidelines that our company demands.

Our canine procurement team travels to Europe and South American in search of the best canines available from exclusive vendors.

Our rigorous testing and evaluations ensure the best in quality and drive for our clients.

All canines are checked by veterinary services before purchase and again by our veterinary service in Florida.

F1K9 supplies each canine sold with a 2-year Health guarantee and a 1-year work-ability guarantee

Sales options:

  • Selection Tested Single purpose canine
  • Selection Tested Dual purpose canine
  • Pre-Trained Patrol canine
  • Pre-Trained Explosive Detection canine
  • Pre-Trained Drug Detection canine
  • Pre-trained Cellphone Detection canine
  • Pre-Trained Currency Detection canine
  • Pre-Trained Firearms Detection canine
  • Pre-Trained Agricultural Detection canine

Agricultural Disease Detection

F1K9 is pioneering the canine industry in a partnership with the USDA- United States Department of Agriculture. Under a federal grant F1K9 is developing early detection techniques to locate agricultural diseases in various fruits and vegetables.

This technology is pioneering ways to save and enrich the worlds agriculture.

Through in-depth development and training F1K9 is now deploying teams to regions throughout the United States.

Our mission is to help save the worlds agriculture through early disease detection and pest control

All of our agricultural canines go through rigorous training and testing that has been overseen by scientists and technicians with the USDA

F1K9 has developed a canine testing and oversight association for the agricultural Industry.

CCAADD- Continental Canine Association for Agricultural Disease Detection,Is the premier association recognized and developed in cooperation with the USDA. The testing procedures developed will enable canine teams to train and qualify to the rigorous industry standards needed to save the agricultural industry.

Teams are deployment ready for two agricultural diseases:

a. HLB- Huanglongbing

b. PPV- Plum Pox Virus

F1K9 can also provide fully trained canines and handler training courses to inexperienced and experienced handlers.

Canines are trained to meet and exceed the standards set forth by CCAADD testing.

F1K9 continues to collaborate with other scientists within in the USDA on other agricultural diseases.

Training Courses

F1K9 provides handler training courses to experienced and in experienced levels.

Our instructors come from law enforcement and military backgrounds. They come with many years of experience handling, training and instruction within the canine industry. We will customize classes to meet our clients handling needs. Most courses start at a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 8 weeks for advanced training . Please contact us for pricing and available course dates.