Training and Support Staff

Bryan Bice- Canine Trainer / Instructor

Bryan has served in law Enforcement for 30 years with the Melbourne Police Department, FL and Port Canaveral Police Department, FL. He is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute’s 44th Command Officers Development Course and has attended over 4000 hours of enforcement training.

Bryan has been handling, training and selecting K9’s for dual purpose, explosive drug, bedbug and citrus detection since 1987. Bryan was a certified FDLE instructor and had has certified K9’s through USPCA, NAPWDA and NNDDA.

Tyler Meck- Canine Trainer / Handler

Tyler started his career as kennel staff and quickly showed his dedication to the canine program.

Over the last 5 years Tyler has worked his way up serving as Vet Tech, administering medication for canine and servicing canines with medical conditions, Kennel supervisor and is now working as a handler / trainer capacity.

Tyler’s natural abilities with canines has made him a good candidate as a trainer. He continues his apprenticeship under the direction of Mr. Bishop.